22 Veteran Suicides a Day - Mission 22 Cutting Edge Programs for PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury

Our] purpose isn't to medicate and masks the issues our veterans are dealing with but to heal them. undertaking 22
This formidable mission attracted me to mission 22 when I first heard about the institution.

greater veterans die via suicide each year than...

more veterans die by suicide every yr than the total of U.S. navy deaths within the complete Iraq war and Afghanistan conflict blended! this is horrifying. it is shocking. it's unacceptable.

assignment 22 commenced while a chum that co-founder Magnus Johnson served with took his own lifestyles. Magnus found out that 22 veterans a day were taking their lives and this taken aback him into movement. His pal and fellow former green Beret Mike Kissel joined with him to observed project 22. They began with a big-scale public artwork undertaking in Nashville, Indiana as a manner for veterans and civilians to work together to elevate awareness of veteran suicides.

A national Monument

Then they asked themselves the question: If there may be a national monument honoring people who died in almost every struggle fought for our u . s ., why couldn't there be a monument to those veterans who have lost the fight after coming domestic by taking their personal lives?

for that reason turned into born the shifting huge-scale monument shown within the photograph above. assignment 22 says: "We commemorated 20 veterans who lost their lives right here at home after serving our u . s . a . abroad."

Their task has grown to consist of multiple methods for veterans, their households and communities to locate assist. most dramatic to me are the reducing facet recuperation packages which can be giving first rate consequences. earlier than we study the healing applications in more element, permit's check the national trouble.

Veteran and Civilian Suicides

Veterans cease their own lives at a fee an awful lot better than civilians. amongst men, the danger for suicide in 2014 became 19% better for Veterans as compared with U.S. civilian person guys. And for girls, the risk for suicide in 2014 became 250% higher amongst Veterans than U.S. civilian person girls!

The Veterans administration is placing extra assets into trying to prevent suicides, with an expanded suicide hotline and elevated intellectual fitness counseling. still hundreds of thousands of Veterans both do now not go to a VA facility or aren't effectively helped after they do. therefore the want for venture 22 and caring groups like them.

The rate of Veteran suicides is finest a number of the youngest Veterans a while 18 - 29. that is real for both male and girl Veterans. but, the entire variety of Veteran suicides remains a whole lot large among older Veterans, actually because there are so many more older than more youthful Veterans. So assistance is needed amongst all Veterans age groups.

assignment 22 treatment programs

challenge 22 currently has two treatment applications that target worrying brain injury and publish stressful pressure. The intention is not to medicate and mask the problems our veterans are going through but to heal them. challenge 22 internet site
Hyperbaric Oxygen remedy

consistent with mission 22: "extra than 350 Veterans have reclaimed their lives" by using the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT) in conjunction with other modalities like nutrition and scientific rubdown.

HBOT remedy complements the body's very own recuperation system. humans inhale a hundred% oxygen in a complete body chamber, in which the oxygen level and atmospheric stress may be controlled for protection. HBOT has been useful as a post-concussion remedy for soccer players and different athletes. The similarity with mind accidents suffered through Veterans caused the project 22 software.

The FDA has accepted HBOT for an expansion of situations, although not yet for demanding mind damage. but, undertaking 22 has seen such right effects that the organization covers the value for Veterans with submit traumatic strain or brain injury to go through the HBOT remedy program.

A medical examine posted in the magazine of Neurotrauma in 2012 confirmed extensive blessings of HBOT for both bodily and emotional issues in a set of 16 Veterans with brain accidents.* HBOT is thought to assist by way of decreasing inflammation and growing blood glide to the brain, however there is still a lot greater to learn about the way it works.

complete Spectrum clinic

the alternative slicing aspect software venture 22 uses entails bringing stability returned to the frame, emotions and thoughts. operating with the full Spectrum medical institution in Chicago, Veterans can be dealt with at domestic wherever they live in the u . s .. based on evaluation and advanced blood checking out, an person remedy plan is developed for each Veteran to heal imbalances of their our bodies and lives.

The purpose of the overall Spectrum hospital is strong. The medical institution states: "complete Spectrum health facility for Endobiogenic medication (FSH) uses a brand new method to heal infantrymen and veterans from the internal out."

"Our technique is to apprehend who you are and why you suffer with specific symptoms. the use of the maximum state-of-the-art form of customized remedy: Endobiogeny, our purpose is to heal you, your relationships with your self, your own family, and your network. Our technique is based totally on balancing and optimizing the 4 keys to fitness: body (hormones, nerves, mind, digestion), mind (spirituality: a journey to inner wholeness), diet (nutrition on your body's desires), way of life (pressure reduction, sleep, exercise)."

the whole Spectrum health software includes plant-based treatment options, pharmaceuticals if wished briefly to assist sufferers stabilize, self-integration paintings to advantage more control of thoughts, feelings and moves, and pulsed electromagnetic field remedy.


undertaking 22 become based by means of Veterans to reduce the tragedy of Veteran suicides. They started out with an emphasis on schooling and now coordinate their efforts with more than one companies around the united states.

challenge 22 enables cowl the cost for these  healing applications that help Veterans with publish disturbing stress or disturbing brain injury rebuild their lives, so they're accepting donations to fund Veterans who want to undergo those two programs.

*Paul G. Harch, et al. A section I look at of Low-stress Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy for Blast-prompted publish-Concussion Syndrome and put up-annoying strain sickness, journal of Neurotrauma, January 1, 2012.


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