Anxiety Is Best Understood Through the Fight or Flight Response


In my kinesiology exercise i've dealt with loads of adults and children with tension.

I now view all tension as a combat / flight reaction with a history purpose, which include trauma, shock or long-time period stress. essentially the traumatic character is experiencing a lack of protection. Restoring safety is the important thing to resolving the hassle.

this is the definition of hysteria i really like satisfactory;

"anxiety, a sense of dread, fear, or apprehension, frequently and not using a clear justification. tension is outstanding from worry because the latter arises in reaction to a clean and actual risk, along with one affecting someone's bodily safety. tension, via evaluation, arises in response to seemingly risk free conditions or is the made from subjective, inner emotional conflicts the causes of which may not be obvious to the individual himself. some tension unavoidably arises inside the course of day by day lifestyles and is taken into consideration everyday. however persistent, intense, chronic, or ordinary anxiety not justified in reaction to actual-lifestyles stresses is usually seemed as a sign of an emotional sickness. while such an tension is unreasonably evoked with the aid of a selected state of affairs or object, it is known as a phobia. A diffuse or persistent anxiety associated with no specific purpose or mental difficulty is known as popular, or loose-floating, tension." (Britannica internet site)

My anxiety

I had 'loose-floating' or popular tension for years. It manifested at varying stages. In my 20s I began mastering to meditate, out of curiosity frequently and to look if it would assist me to feel calmer. After a number of months of exercise it have become obvious to me just how unsettled i used to be. I observed that until i used to be the usage of a meditative approach like mindfulness, to maintain a calm nation, i used to be now not calm. even as meditation helped me lots, specially in gaining an understanding of myself and a way to commonly keep equilibrium, at one factor I have become sick of having to do it all the time. i used to be in my mid 20s and most people I knew failed to give a fig approximately meditation and practiced not anything even love it, but they have been some distance calmer than me in wellknown.

At one point my tension hit its peak and i started out to get panic attacks. i was also coming inside and out of despair. I had long past for counselling and psychotherapy - which changed into very helpful however didn't virtually calm my body down. regardless of a regime of exercise, qigong, yoga, meditation and appropriate food my anxious system became nevertheless very unsettled. I could not appear to bring it underneath manipulate.

At one point to control the crises i used to be in, I took remedy for about 6 months. It were given me via a hard patch however I did not like the sensation I had with it. i was groggy and sleepy and my head wasn't clean.

At that time i used to be residing in Australia and that i confided in a friend about my kingdom. They stated they knew a person that practiced kinesiology and that i should supply it a go. In brief the ones treatments were existence changing. After the first two treatments, I felt like my whole body calmed down. I often describe it as though i used to be stuck in 2nd tools, driving at 80 miles an hour all of the time. The kinesiology paintings delivered me to third gear and then fourth, etc. soon without any attempt in any respect on my part, i was simply high-quality and calm.

Now, for all people that is used to now not feeling calm, unexpectedly feeling calm is dramatic and welcome. The changes I felt had been so sturdy, I desired to know how this become feasible.

That led me to look at and then practice kinesiology. The place that i'm most inquisitive about, marvel, marvel, is tension.

you've study the definition of hysteria above however for those who might not be clean approximately its consequences on people, right here are a number of the signs and signs and symptoms.

a few signs and signs of hysteria?

here is what happens for your body in case you feel hectic;

- accelerated heart fee

- Shallow, speedy respiratory

- belly anxiety

- Bowel trouble

- mild headedness

- Dry mouth

- poor sleep

At a mental stage;

- poor attention

- feeling irritable and depressed

- lack of self-self belief and self esteem

What causes tension?

In my enjoy the most massive reasons are your personal history of strain and trauma, regarded and unknown. such as;

- Your lifestyles reviews

- the way you have been added up

- long time strain

- surprise

- distress / surprise from ages 0 -3

The best adjustments passed off in my frame, when a kinesiologist addressed very early trauma. I had nearly died as a 6 month old baby from coeliac's ailment. The analysis turned into neglected for several months and i became extremely ill. manifestly, I haven't any memory of this. I accept as true with i used to be left with a form of submit-demanding strain. My body become producing large stages of adrenaline all the time. i used to be apprehensive, fidgety, I couldn't sit still, found it tough to awareness and pay attention. i used to be emotionally sensitive and unsettled.

after I addressed this early trauma with kinesiology all of the history distress settled down. I became so much calmer I should hardly consider it.

So now after I paintings with humans, I constantly examine their problems from this perspective. it is not continually factored into the general know-how in their trouble. and even every now and then while it is, there's no answer furnished.

tension and the fight / flight response

I now view anxiety as a 'stuck' fight / flight response. In other words, a shock or trauma which brought about the body to enter combat / flight has now not but launched its preserve. The part of the mind this is valuable to this difficulty is the Amygdala. lots of our automated fear responses are controlled here. for example, it is what makes your body leap while you get a unexpected fright. you may do not anything to control this form of reaction. If this region will become overstimulated it's going to tend to live this manner. Triggers which might be even barely similar to those which caused the preliminary 'fright' will fireplace at beside the point times.

this is exactly the experience of tension. For no obvious purpose you start to feel like you're in a threatening scenario. And even though you realize you aren't, and you're telling your self to relax, it might not constantly prevent. The survival brain is highly effective and it's seeking to maintain you secure. At times of hysteria it's far perceiving chance and is attempting to make you get away from it.

How does kinesiology assist with anxiety?

Kinesiology offers a brand new manner of the use of conventional chinese language medicine (TCM) techniques. TCM is all about restoring calm to the body and thoughts. in case you've ever had a good acupuncture remedy you may have felt your frame calming down.

i take advantage of a range of strategies consisting of acupressure formatting, no longer (Neural Organisational technique) and meditative visualizations to repair a feel of safety to the frame. due to the fact protection is what's lacking when anxiety is gift.


whilst anxiety is present in adults or kids there is an underlying loss of feeling safe. I accept as true with this loss of safety comes from over stimulated fight / combat responses from previous strain or trauma.

Kinesiology is a charming system that allows the practitioner to bring calmness or stability to the emotional states associated with the fight / flight reaction. when those are addressed the individual generally feels extensively calmer. As a end result an entire variety of physical and emotional problems may be alleviated.


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